Supporting Richard Stallman back to the FSF and Open Letters

As some of you may have heard, in the latest LibrePlanet conference Richard Stallman has announced he would be coming back to the FSF’s Board of Directors.
This has elicited enthusiastic reactions, but also negative ones mainly from Corporate-backed projects, many of which are closer to the Open Source initiative than to the Free Software ideals. This has made much noise, to the point that even the FSF distanced itself, faced with patrons threatening to pull out their donations.

For all those who would like to help throwing the community’s weight behind Richard Stallman, please send one-off donations to the FSF mentioning his return as inspiring motive, and you can consider signing this letter.

If you had been out of the loop and missed the story that had lead to his resignation from his position as president of the FSF, association he founded, you can find more details here


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