Support/Config for Qtile - coming from i3

Hi all! I’m fairly new to EOS and i3 and really enjoying it so far - I recently came over from Manjaro and full DEs. I’m interested in trying out Qtile since it allows more dynamic tiling (changing layouts on the fly, etc). I tried Arco’s Qtile version in a VM and would love if someone has a similar config set up, or could tell me if I could just install Qtile and use that config file or what else I’d need to install.

Thanks for reading my ramble!

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Awesome, thanks! I’m familiar with DT of course, I guess the good thing about Qtile is it’s one config file. I really like the Qtile setup on ArcoLinux but prefer the more minimal approach of Endeavour; hopefully DT’s videos can help me get something similar.

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i have tried qtile a few times
really like it is typed in python
but I have no knowledge of python
but you can install qtile on Endeavor
I have installed Endeavor i3wm myself
and installed bspwm afterwards
and removed i3wm

PS sorry for my bad english
i use google translate


Most of us here do that :rofl: No need to apologize :+1: