Suggestions for task list manager

If you use a task list manager, I would be interested to know what you use and why.

I googled around and came across task warrior. It is terminal based and has an easy entry to use in a basic way and also seems to be have many more complex options if I really get into it. Still, I would like to know of other options because now is the time for me to switch if there are better options.


thought you meant something similar to microsoft task manager to kill running apps :laughing:

Realized that you were looking for something else by clicking your link, thats nice!

I currently use the task list in gmail, because it is simple enough and integrated with email. Could switch to something open source. :thinking:

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I use Calcurse, for long-term reminders. It’s very minimalist and gets out of the way.

I also write notes with a text editor, that’s good enough for 99% of what I need.


I’m a bad Linux user, I use my Android phone for such things. Aka Google calendar…

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Task warrior really is great, as it can pretty much be as simple or complex as you want it to be. There are also frontends for it. I use vit, which is a nice TUI frontend. I think there are GUIs too.

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Zim with a simple checkbox task list for me, - nothing special. :slight_smile:

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I misuse a text file, and have conky smooth scroll it on my secondary monitor. No features, but no problems either!

(action pic in "Share Your Desktop" post earlier)
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Thanks everyone. I have used google tasks and have also kept tasks in a text file but I feel I need to get better organised because I am getting too dispersed and not using my time efficiently so I was hope to try a more structured way about it. Thanks in particular @drhoopoe for putting me on to vit.

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Just a check list type thing, or do you need something more? I use Notebook from Zoho, Android app on my phone, and the website on my computers

Yes, most basically it is just a to do list. I have sometimes just sent myself email for the next day so I wake up and get to work properly on the highest priority things. There are task list managers though where you can make tasks, assign them to projects, put priorities on them, put due dates on them, mark them as completed. You can also combine them with time trackers so for instance for contracts where you bill by the hour. It is not presently my case but it is with some colleagues that they need to assign their time to projects in 15 min blocks and they need to show proof of this. In these cases time trackers are a must. For example, people working in most European research labs receiving EU funding need to book their time to specific projects. At the end of the month there is a balancing done but keeping track of their tasks gives a rough indicator or where they spend their time.

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You might want to look at what has, they have a lot of apps over there. Rather than being an advertising company like Google, their bread and butter is online apps for businesses, and some like mail, writer, notebook and sheet are free or have a free tier (even business email allows custom domains with up to 5 addresses), and they have a lot of apps, their CRM package is over 40 apps, so they might have something for you if’n a web app will work.