Suggestion on installer info about EFI partition

thanks for the release,i just installed it, as my previous install was very much a test n try n see what its like type of install. its working great!
i have one suggestion, i dont know if this is the place for it, nor do i know if its something you guys could do, or if its a job for the calamares devs (if there are any right now), but anyway,
ive had another distro (kubuntu possibly) that didnt specify where there /boot/efi stuff got installed and it overwrote my efi on another drive and ruined an installation for me. therefore im a bit wary when this isnt specified. no, i have not had this problem on eos, but for peace of mind id like to suggest as follows:

where you can see clear and unquestinably where the efi stuff is installed


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Good point … and one of these things developers do not see in many cases…

The info output is indeed not 100% clear and could leave the user unclear – like in your case.

The info given does not use a direct connection between created partition and the second information about format and mount point.

Also, we are involved in calamares development, it is developed independently from EndeavourOS altogether :wink:

The best way to help make the info better on calamares is to start an issue there.


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