Suggestion: include an `Other Packages` box in the online installer

Archinstall has this feature where we can type a space-separated list of packages to install in addition to the desktop environment selected in the installation process. Recently many forum members have been requesting pamac, timeshift, snapper, etc bloatware in default install. If we can have a page called other packages (optional) in calamares with a blank box where people can type names of the packages they want, they can have their favourite bloatware whereas people like me who want a minimal system are also catered for by the same installer. It won’t be much maintenance for the team either. What do you think?

Not a section in Calamares though.


We already have a file user_pkglist.txt in the $HOME of liveuser (=installer).
It can include a list of Arch or EndeavourOS apps, and they will be installed.


No need.

Just sudo pacman -S [package-list] after your first boot.

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I would put a --needed in there too! Who knows what might already be there waiting…


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