Suggestion for improvement (installer)

Hi, just trying out EndeavourOS and I want to give some feedback concerning the installer.

It shows “Info on our Webside” instead of “Info on our Website”.

The preinfo.txt should be formatted in a way so that the lines break before character position 90 because when installing within virtual environments the resolution usually defaults to 800x600 so when maximizing the Mousepad application you can not read long lines.

Again because of the resolution 800x600 the XFCE panel often hides buttons needed during installation. Maybe setting it to AutoHide when the installation process starts might be a good choice?

Anyways, thanks for your great work and I hope I could give some useful tips.




Hi! First of all thanks for the review :slight_smile:

This was fixed already, but only available for the next release.

Agreed, i’ll add “break lines” at mousepad config.

Not sure if is possible to set autohide after install begins. I’ll take a look at it. I usually change the resolution, so this also annoys me. Maybe i can set calamares to be always on top…