Suggestion: browser selection in the welcome app

I guess this idea is not new, but how about Firefox no longer coming as pre-installed, but as a choice for post-installation in the Welcome app, similar to Chromium and LibreOffice? The advantage would be clear: it is then after the reinstallation for the users who no longer want to use the FF (for whatever reason) no longer necessary to uninstall it first. Less tinkering already at the beginning :wink: .

Isn’t it possible already in the installer to opt-out of Firefox?

As far as I can remember no.

Somehow I recall that when you do an online install, you could choose what to install and what not.
For Firefox, under Application selection or some such.

Yes, firefox can be unselected, but chromium wasn’t in the list. I’m checking this now… EDIT: yes, that’s the case on the list.

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No, Chromium is not.
But it can be added to user_packagelist to be installed?
(not sure if I get the name of the file right)

Yes, you can add chromium in file user_pkglist.txt before starting install.

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Strange, I have Chromium to choose from in the Welcome app. Maybe because I didn’t install an FF?

Thanks @manuel , @pebcak

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Ok, I tried this on another computer. Although I had deselected Firefox during the online installation, it was already installed after the first start. …???


There’s also file ~/user_commands.bash that you can modify, e.g. uninstall both

  • firefox
  • firefox-i18n-<your-locale>

and also install chromium.
Please read more instructions in that file.

Then you don’t need to use user_pkglist.txt at all.


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