Sudoers Lecture

After a fresh install, we all get the sudoers lecture. I believe that the default is set to warn once. I know that this can also be changed to warn every time or never.

My question is: under what circumstances would the sudoers lecture again ask you to confirm that you understand after having already agreed many moons ago? I’m assuming some related package is updated, thus wiping the ‘warn=once’ slate clean.

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indeed—what circumstance? I am on my 2nd Endeavour install since September and for no apparent reason I got that damn lecture again the other day. I updated, installed, and removed programs that day.
It was a mindf**k to see it the virgin OS message again.
Count me as another user waiting for someone to answer you. edit/words

I’ve had about 17 updates to sudo on this system since installation.
This is the first time I have experienced the message being shown again.

[2023-11-10T11:41:18+0100] [ALPM] upgraded sudo (1.9.15.p1-1 -> 1.9.15.p2-1)

I haven’t looked further into it but I suspect some change in the sudo package could be the cause.

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Just updated my old home server (it has not been updated for over 8 months) and this happened to me. What I’ve found out is that sudo changed the way it stores that user has been lectured.

Previously it stored the lectured file with the user name


but now it stores it with user id


I bet if you list the contents od /var/db/sudo/lectured your would find both of these there.

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You can add in ‘guest’ as well :grin:

What matters is that it probably will stay out of your way for quite a while now…

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