Sudo update breaks veracrypt (Edited: not any more...)

The last sudo version numbered 1.9.8-1 breaks Veracrypt volumes. It is not possible anymore to mount a volume, as the admin password is not recognized.
Downgrading to previous sudo version, 1.9.7.p2-1 resolves the issue


Veracrypt update on August 24 has

  • sudo (optional) - mounting encrypted volumes as nonroot users

Now you are saying a sudo update has broken veracrypt?

Hi @ricklinux , yes, Veracrypt was updated on August 24… but last year, in 2020 :rofl:.

I just wrote that after sudo was updated yesterday from 1.9.7.p2-1 to 1.9.8-1, it was not possible anymore to mount a volume because the root password (which I need to mount a volume in my configuration) suddenly ceased to be recognized by Veracrypt.

Anyway, a new update of sudo popped-up a few hours ago (1.9.8-2) which seems to have resolved the issue.


Well that’s kind of convenient then. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I had the same issue. I did some research and found nothing helpful. I gave up and uninstalled veracrypt. Fortunately I read your post a few minutes ago and reinstalled sudo. That fixed it. Thanks for sharing the info.

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