Sudo not recognizing correct password

So yesterday, I installed testdisk and was running it after which i did ctrl+c to exit from it.
Afterwards sudo won’t recongnize my correct password.
The problem was solved after rebooting but I’m just wondering if it could be a malware or virus?
As I have not installed anything from aur except from vscode and all other packages were from the official repos of arch and endeavour os.

Highly unlikely.
Did you check your capslock/numlock status?
Did you temporarily switch keyboard layout (by accident)?

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can it be due to testdisk which might have made the / partition read only for a time?

Had/Have the same issue . Pretty sure Iv’e had it happen prior to really installing anything … reboot also fixes it for me … strange

I also had that happen and shifted down to LTS kernel and rebooted that problem fixed and I dumped kernel 5.8 for LTS mostly because The Linux Box kept booting up the 5.8 and freezing up Dolphin etc.

which kernel were you using?

5.8.12 , might have happened with 5.8.10 as well

when did it happen? For me it was yesterday.

Maybe a week ago , and then a few times since … probably saturday and sunday … Hasn’t happened today …

Which desktop environment/window manager were you using when this problem occured?

i3-gnome-fallback .

It may have had the same problem in TTY … Can’t remember … But I think it did … If it happens again I will check

Today my pc stopped recognizing the password. I’m sure I was typing it correct, because the password is simply 123. Rebooting didn’t help either.
I had to chroot with a live arch usb and use passwd to set the password again.

I thought I’m the only one with this problem. But over here I see a similar one day old thread . Is there some broken package causing this?

I use i3wm, linux-lts kernel.

One of us :cowboy_hat_face:

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Such a strange problem… I have not experienced anything like that, ever.