Stuck on [OK] reached target graphical interface initially, now tty1 just boots to terminal login and attempting to start kde results in it locking up


I recently installed endeavouros, so far it’s been great and I’d not had any significant issues with it. For some reason when I turned on the computer yesterday evening, it would go through much of the boot process, but seem to go black after “[OK] Finished create volatile files and directories”. Switching to tty3 and then back to tty1, there was more, and the last line is “[OK] Reached target graphical interface”. googling this problem, it seems to usually be an issue with nvidia drivers, so the first thing that was done was uninstalling and reinstalling everything nvidia related and running dracut. This was done, and afterwards it boots to login prompt in tty1 like the rest of the ttyx’s. Trying to run startx here just puts it a similar state as before, where tty1 is just a black screen that doesnt respond to anything. I’m well outside my comfort zone with this sort of thing, I’m sure its probably something simple like xorg is configured incorrectly or something but I don’t really know where to go from here and am probably only going to make it worse if I just poke around without any idea what I’m doing

Thanks in advance!

I would reinstall Linux and Linux-headers from chroot with the Live USB.

Anyone else with tips or solutions?

Ther is a guide on that in Discovery(wiki)


I apologise if I’m being dense here, what is the point of doing this? I can still access the terminal, its just that desktop environment does not work and there’s nothing obvious that could be the cause (like nvidia driver issues like it usually is). I can post systemd logs if that would be helpful

it seems to be fixed, what seems to have been the problem is that while the nvidia drivers were installed, the drivers for my integrated graphics were not. Because this is a laptop, all video output needs to go through the integrated graphics, so it was trying to output video to a non existent screen connected directly to the gpu. Not sure why this problem only now materialized when endeavouros has been installed for like a week but whatever it’s fixed.

Yeah it can also be like that with Black screen at boot it’s random I usually just run a terminal window with Ctrl + Alt + T and then yay to check for update then restart with reboot after updating.

And it usually works again?! It’s Wierd! :confused:
I don’t know why? Or how to fix it?

Maby somebody here has an idea?

Thy probably will ask for logs witch EndeavourOS has tools for.

Its already fixed, seems to have been an issue with nvidia optimus, it was trying to output to a display connected directly to the nvidia gpu (which doesn’t exist but it didn’t realize which is why there’s not any major errors in systemd or xorg logs), updating igpu driver and installing bumblebee and a few other things fixed it. Not sure why the issue didn’t materialize sooner and is only now actually becoming a problem but whatever it seems to be fixed :woman_shrugging:

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Oh yeah nvidia Optimus have all sorts of issues on Linux it seam.

But great to here it’s fixed.

Press alt+F3 and login to your account. Then do Pacman-R nvidia-dkms and reinstall with nvidia-inst. that is how I solved it just today :+1:t2:

Edit: oh, already solved :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

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