Stuck on boot

Theres guide on downgrading packages, including kernel:
Personally, I use AUR downgrade if I need to downgrade to a specific version.

Instead of downgrading, maybe giving LTS kernel a go would be a better option?

Edit: If you go for downgrading be sure to read that guide on downgrading kernel as you also need to downgrade related packages, like linux-headers.

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Okey thanks I’ll try that a bit later and get back to you all.

Okey I reinstalled my kernel and linux-headers, rebooted… And boom system work again! Yay! :grinning:
Now… Just to bad I already wiped my system… :confused:
Oh well lesson learned for next time and maybe I should start with back-up’s! :laughing:

Hope this also help someone else.

Test reinstall Kernal and linux-headers and reboot if still not start install a different Kernal and test again.

Thanks to everyone that helped and came with ideas!

I just love this community! :+1: :handshake: And this distro!


nvidia-dkms is installed by default on EndeavourOS and it needs the kernel headers to build the Nvidia kernel module, so usually good idea to reinstall both of them. Glad you got a working system again! :smiley:

Yeah something must have bugged and borked my system when I updated yesterday.

My experience was almost the same‚ĶB0rked install (installed Linux-xen & the header package) rebooted to ‚ÄúDisplay not found‚Ä̂Ķwent into a TTY & rebooted‚Ķselected the LTS Kernel & booted into the system. Today I was thinking about it & rebooted into the Main Kernel‚Ķit booted just fine, so I reinstalled the Linux-zen & headers‚Ķand it rebooted just fine. Not sure what happened, but maybe there was a change to how the kernel calls the nvidia driver & it required more than 1 reboot to work?

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