Stuck in ttyl? Grub term

I recently downloaded EOS utilizing USB. Install seemed to go flawless. Everything was flowing just fine. When I restarted, it went to Grub screen (ttyl) asks for login and password. Put that in, then it just repeats. I’m lost on this. Coming from Linux Mint Cinnamon. Wanting to learn Arch. I don’t know what I am doing wrong, and the internet is no help at all!

What do you mean?

Online or off-line install? What DE?

You said everything appears to have installed, but you boot to grub and then TTY? did you pick aDE or just a base install?

Welcome. I’m also from Mint land!

Can u login in tty or?
What DE or WM did u choose?

I just used the base recommended. I was hoping BSP would be on the list but didmt see it

Meing the Grub menu stats with login. Which im not sute what that means since i opted not to have password prompt then i put password.

When i put password in and hit return, i get same request as first. Goes gack to login

Log in screen says EndeavorOS Linux 5.13.10-arch-1 (tty1)

Carleo-surfacepro6 login:

I admit that I’ve never installed only the base but as far as I know you have nothing to log into other than a t t y. You may technically be as far as you installed.

ok, that’s what I was thinking. So anyone have any ideas on where to go from here? Like I said during instal, I did see the part to choose like i3, XFCE, etc. however chose to stay with base recommended instal. I didn’t see option for BSPWM.

U need to select a desktop environment or wm at installation process. At page where u are offered to choose between them. At that page u have checked a base, and bellow that u can choose. Coming from Mint Cinnamon u can choose(check) Cinnamon. For bspwm at welcome screen choose a community editions.

That isn’t the recommended install. That is installing without a desktop.

I would reinstall and select a desktop this time.

You need to download from the welcome app and select community editions.

ok so how do i get back to that page again? Makes, sense, I was under the impression I could only check mark one option though. Wasn’t really addressed in the instal guide. Might want to have an admin look into that.

ok, thank you

Unlike most distributions there is only one Endeavor download. All of your choices are made during the installation process. Only downloads whatever you select if you choose online installation.

You boot off the ISO again and start the install over.

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I think easiest option is to reinstall.

ok copy that. Thank you to all of you!!! You’re help is appreciated!!

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