Stuck at boot "started hostname service"

Hello everyone,
I am new to EndeavourOS and Arch, i didn’t use it since few weeks then i updated everything. I reboot my computer everything was ok. But the next day when i try to boot impossible.
I am stuck in the kernel line:

[OK] Started Hostname Service

Everything is ‘OK’ and green so no special error, and i have access to the terminal if i do “CTRL + ALT + F2-6”
I’ve tried to solve the problem myself, i’ve found some topics with similar issues but nope, still stuck…
I have few files that i want to get back if it’s possible to solve it instead of a fresh install it would be great. If you need any informations or question do not hesitate, thank you for the futur help :pray:

Ok i finnally find a solution, it was because of nvidia :confused:
I’ve found the solution there thank you:

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