Struggling please help [solved]

Lets get right to the point. Long time arch user (15 years). I’ve installed Arch many different ways and understand the install process. Recently I discovered btrfs and really like what it has to offer for someone like me who like to experiment with stuff. My daily driver PC is Arch and I have a Panasonic cf52 toughbook that was lightly used during its service years. Has lot of life left. I have been trying to get OG arch to install on it with btrfs and have had no luck getting it to work correctly It will boot and it will get to a log in but when I log in all I have is the generic -bash-5.2# prompt which tells me something is not right. I signed up with the Arch forums to address my issues but was basically told to RTFM which I have and I still dont know what I am doing wrong. Last night I was watching Stephens tech tips on timeshift and he was show casing Endeavour for that particular video.

This morning I downloaded the iso dd it to a usb drive and now I am just completely at a loss as whats going going. because now it wont even get to grub. It appeared to have gone through the entire build and everything but nothing.

My issues: This particular laptop is a legacy Bios/MBR system. I want to use btrfs and would love to try endeavour as my new daily. I got it working on virt-manager just fine so I know the ISO works. What I believe needs to happen according to the installer:

  • make a GPT partition

  • Make an 8 meg Grub-bios partition unformatted

  • Create the final partition.

I did all that in gpart.

That still did not work. I have had opensuse, debian and kali on this laptop. So I know it will take the image. All I want is to get this laptop setup with the correct btrfs layout and get timeshift working so I can then start working witrh what I really want to to do.

Could you boot up your live usb and post

sudo parted -l

and/or a screenshot from Gparted so we can see your current partitions?

after work.

went to get the screen shots of everything and her is what happened. Booted gpart from USB, check to see if I needed to set the boot flag. In doing so I noticed that it wasn’t needed since grub_bios was selected. I shutdown gpart and rebooted the laptop and I am posting this from it. I took my first timeshift snapshot and it did not give any warnings or issues. For now it seems to be working.

This should be the final reply to this post. Playing around with a few things I discovered; what I believe was happening is, that the Bios boot order may have been causing the issue. I set the boot order to USB then SSD so I could load the system. I had 2 thumb drives connected to the laptop. I have one usb for the ISO and one for any support files that I may need or want like package install scripts. If I left a non bootable USB drive in the port the Bios would just stop the hand off to grub and stop the boot process. Once I removed the thumb drive that was not bootable ithey system booted just fine.

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