"Street Cred" of DE:s

Was thinking… because why not :wink:

What’s your perception of the “street cred” of DE:s? Not what you think is cooler, but what “other people” think is cooler?

Here’s a short list of mine (again, this is what I perceive others think of these):

Cinnamon: For lame noobs. The fact that Xfce is almost identical in function and purpose has no impact on Xfce whatsoever.

Xfce: The “Full DE with most cred”. Light, but not super light. Simple, but not too simple. But you can always get by using it. People will never look down on you for making it your daily driver. Not lame like Cinnamon, because (no logical reason whatsoever). More cred than Plasma, but only because you have to mod it to get blur.

LXqt: For the same people who would buy a Lotus 7 to drive to work in. So much of an odd bird that it really just… is.

LXDE: Exactly like LXqt but vintage.

Gnome: Dual personality - For people who do serious work, and for noobs who don’t understand that it sucks. Depending if you post screenshots of you coding on it, or trying to rice it, you will be judged as A or B above.

Plasma: The “Bought a pre-riced japanese car”. Like Xfce (in attitude towards it), but with blur. And blur. Also some blur.

Openbox: Like Xfce, but a window manager.

i3-on-Arch: The Fast And The Furious of window managers. You either come off like super cool, or someone who is trying way way too hard.

i3-on-any-other-distro: Wow. You must be a serious coder. No matter if you post screenshots of coding or not.

Any other tiling window manager: …(furious googling) Oh, that’s cool! Do you code?


Deepin DE based on OSX Launchpad, a window manager usefull. The terminal well done.

Any other tiling window manager…(furious googling) ain’t nobody got time for that!

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I am a long time user of KDE (plasma), and with Antergos it was superb to the point that I use it on the “wheezy” i3 4Gb Ram laptop in preference to other light weight distros using lxde/xfce/…
I don’t see any blurring so not sure whats going on there. I use KDE on Ubuntu at work no blur there either but the box has a powerful nvidia quadro graphics card and 16Gb Ram, unlike my anemic (in GPU terms) machines at home.
(EDIT) I have yet to installed endeavouros on the laptop.

i must say after reading, suddenly got some defensive attitude in my tooth… but after re-read, sure a constincy in the text… give you a fair prais for that :slight_smile:

pretty good rand :slight_smile:

but one mistake to bring I3wm openbox onboards… they are wm’s :wink: there are stil 2 or 3 desktops mayby 4 not spoken :slight_smile:

lumina desktop
pantheon :smiley:

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I like the analogy! Awesome! :+1:

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Pantheon: For people who can’t afford a Mac and chose a discount Gnome DE to fill the gap. No cred whatsoever, but at least it’s not Cinnamon, ammarite?

Mate: It’s… Gnome 2. So that’s… Gnome 2. but at least it’s not Cinnamon, ammarite?

TheShell , for the minimalist that likes a gui… atleast its not kde :slight_smile:

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One of my favorite DEs (besides Plasma) is definitely Enlightenment. Very lightweight and configurable as hell. And it is (at least in my opinion) one of the most beautiful DEs.

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