Strange folders in /etc/

I am writing this in the category “Pacman”, the only result of my research showed that the whole thing should have something to do with Pacman:

I found two strange-looking locked folders in the /etc folder today, which I couldn’t really find out anything useful about.

credstore and credstore.encryptet

What I could find out: It is supposed to be somehow related to Pacman and or Google.

DE is Plasma 6.0.2

I have already found this page. But I can’t do anything with it, sorry.

Don’t know but they are present in my installation aswell.

Seems legit and systemd related:

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$ pacman -Qo /etc/credstore.encrypted /etc/credstore
/etc/credstore.encrypted/ is owned by systemd 255.4-2
/etc/credstore/ is owned by systemd 255.4-2

thx @manuel !

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You’re welcome!
Please note that all the other answers pointed to the same direction. :smile:

Yes, of course, but I couldn’t understand it, maybe it’s the translation.

I don’t know if this helps any, but there is this as well.


And this

Systemd credentials manpage

Don’t miss the systemd website itself

System & service credentials

The following issue on the systemd GitHub is interesting to read.

Systemd credentials GitHub

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Thanks for the link! Now I know where these folders come from: they store the login information of my installed Borg backup (systemd). All clear now :grinning:

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