Strange dots in GUI with amdgpu

I have the strangest error with random appearing dots in my GUI. When it started appearing I tried to troubleshoot it with booting different Linux ISOs (ArcoLinux, Fedora, Manjaro, LinuxMint). The error appeared on all of them. I use a ThinkPad E14 Gen 4 with an AMD CPU with integrated Radeon GPU like you can see in my logs Following this and a extensive online search with no results I turned to the Lenovo costumer service. After some back and forth with them, I send them my laptop to troubleshoot and maybe repair it. I assume they troubleshooted it with Windows and not Linux because they said they can’t reproduce the error. The laptop came with no OS installed and I don’t own a Windows license so I can’t test the laptop with it. But like I wrote the error persists on any graphical Linux OS I tried out. Maybe someone here as an idea what could cause this problem. The error itself looks like in this screenshots.