Strange behavior of Dolpin with drag & drop

Hi all, I have recently installed Endeavour OS with KDE Plasma, the problem is when I drag some files from one folder to another, when I release the files in the destination folder, the destination folder stays in the same position instead of scrolling and highlighting the newly inserted files.
Is it possible to change this behavior of Dolphin?
Thank you.

That isn’t a setting that you can control. I’m on plasma 6 and it still works that way. Maybe it was a bug that was fixed in the newest version. In which case you will get the fixed version when plasma 6 is officially release on arch. However, just for my own curiosity. Are you moving multiple files? For example if one file started with A and another started with Z and you moved both files to a folder with a bunch of files with a range of letters sorted alphabetically. I figure it would be impossible to scroll to the right position in that case.

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Okay got it, the reason for my question is due to the fact that I used Manjaro KDE quite some time ago and I seem to remember that it worked by highlighting the released files in the destination folder.
You make a good point, I think you are right about handling multiple files, however even with a single file this doesn’t happen.
In any case, thank you.

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