Strange behavior of breeze window decoration

I have no idea what happened (and it happened to me with Manjaro as well, but using gtk3-nocsd and “sierrabreeze” I didn’t care about the problem).

But this time, since I didn’t need it, I decided to remove it immediately and, however, I find the “basic” breeze window decoration as in the image: here .

Also, hoping that reinstalling the package would solve the problem: I don’t know why it is now double … with the second it is aesthetically ugly, with round edges and looks more like an Aurorae decoration than the real breeze … and same thing as a widget style : gives a second option, with the language in English and not in Italian (like the original and all the rest of the system).

Did you try switching to oxygen and then back to breeze?

Did you try removing your kde/plasma cache and then logout/login?

I followed the two suggestions … the double in the appliqué style has been removed, but the double under window decoration and the ugly “plastik effect” no