Strange behavior of all USB sticks after changing the cable

After replacing my USB 3.0 hub with a simple USB cable (3M long), I observe a strange behavior of all devices I connect to it. When I safely remove a stick (or the external hard drive) in Dolphin, the stick immediately reconnects. I have to wait for the short moment in between to pull it. The cable in question is this one:

This is an extension cable meant to be connected to a USB cable to extend it?
Edit: I never used one this way. :thinking:


Are you going to return the cable given it doesn’t work correctly?

Assuming, of course, that devices connected directly to the USB port don’t do the same thing?

Read the One Stars @Vidar . Same behavior.
I would send it back to get a new one.

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Yes, it is. But I’ve been doing it that way for years. The old USB hub also had a 2m extension.

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Probably not. I will put it in the drawer and wait until its color changes. It’s not completely unusable, after all. Send back at Amazon is hardly worth it. To enter a post office at the moment because of it, the effort is too much for me.

Interesting … OK, I will avoid products from this manufacturer in the future. Will order a cable from another manufacturer.

UGREEN = :hole:

It´s not only Ugreen @Vidar . That also has a bit to do with luck. Asian manufacturers often have a large serial scattering and usually they do not even know how to write the words quality management and final inspection.


I had a similar issue with a cheap USB hub I bought from China on ebay… So beware of all those cheap Chinese cables and hubs (also, cheap USB drives). If you’re lucky, they work great, but more often than not, you can just toss them in the bin (especially since shipping is often more expensive than the item itself).

Not much love for that giraffe… :giraffe:


Well, I haven’t ordered the cable directly from the Chinese now. And UGREEN doesn’t necessarily have the worst reputation now. In the end, all the electronics come from there. At least it wasn’t a cheap cable.

I know, I’m just relating my experience with a USB hub I bought some time ago, which was a similar experience to yours. I haven’t heard of UGREEN until today.

I could already make the return via Amazon, but according to the law I am no longer allowed to enter a post office. The test I have to show is more expensive than this cable … :man_facepalming:t2:


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