Strange behavior after login on Gnome Xorg

I’ve been using Wayland for a while, I didn’t realize when this problem started on Xorg. Basically, after GDM login screen, there will be no interface/GUI loaded except for a single terminal. Mouse input can interact with that terminal window but nothing else.
When I type exit on that terminal window, I’ll be brought back to the desktop environment. There’s nothing on xsession or xorg log that I can see. I suspected that something problematic is running at startup on Xorg gnome session, but I can’t figure out what.

If anyone could give me a hint on which log I could refer to, that would be helpful.

The picture shown is the screen that showed up right after I logged in from GDM. Typing ‘exit’ on that terminal will bring me back to the normal xorg DE. Sorry for the crude pic.

This problem didn’t occur on Wayland session.

Weird, have you checked your autostarting programs? Move them out of the way temporarily:

mv ~/.config/autostart ~/.config/autostart-old
sudo mv /etc/xdg/autostart/ /etc/xdg/autostart-old

Reboot, if it does nothing, just do the reverse.

Unfortunately those didn’t work, still came up to that particular screen after login. Sorry, I think a precaution need to be stated here, simply copy-pasting that 2nd line (moving everything out of /etc/xdg/autostart)
would be problematic to the system since there are a lot of gnome-daemon autostart files in there.

I tried it out of curiosity and my system didn’t even manage to boot into GDM, only greeted with a white error screen. A quick login into TTY to reverse it, and reboot to fix it.

Though I checked the files one by one, removing which I think isn’t important to system from the autostart folder, but the problem still persist. That screen still came up after GDM login. At this point I’m not even sure what’s causing it, since there’s no entries in xorg log, and I’m not sure which part should I refer to in the journal log.