Still on Plasma 5.19.5

has anyone got the new Plasma 5.20?
Still in 5.19.5.

5.20 is in testing

edit: That didn’t take long, it’s available now.


Thank you.
I’ve read that it was out yesterday, and didn’t realize that.

I just got updates and now I have plasma 5.20.0 :slightly_smiling_face:

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Same here, just updated and have now 5.20.

Now I’m at work… :sob:
Well, I’ll try later at the end of the day :grin:

Has anyone got the Plasma Disks working for the HDD SMART status. I can’t find it in Discover.

I don’t see it in Discover, but the package is called plasma-disks.

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Thanks, have it running now.

I just got up about an hour ago and first thing my 15.19.90 beta updated to 5.20-1.

Yeah, I’m on it since about an hour ago. No problems so far.