Stereo upmixing in linux?

So I learned that there’s this programme on windows called foobar2000, which can ‘upmix’ a stereo signal into a 5.1 signal. Is there a linux native solution to this? Foorbar2000 is a music
player, so do I need a music player which supports this? I use Pipewire by the way.
Bonus points if I can use MPD.

Foorbar2000 is in the AUR. It uses Wine as it is a Windows application. I’m not familiar with it so i don’t know if there is any Linux program that is similar.

Edit: Deadbeef supposedly is similar and some others. Just google it and try them since you know what you want.

PulseAudio and PipeWire will do upmixing, but it’s just outputting existing channels, e.g.:

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Isn’t that what all upmixing solutions do? Take existing channels and output them through more channels (with changes to volume and stuff, I guess)?

It’s possible to generate some fake channels through things like Mid-Side processing which will provide more than a flat upmix, but yes, that’s what upmixing normally does.