Steam VR headache

im still kinda new to Linux
there is only two things i would like to get running but i don’t know if one of this fits here?
but the one i am facing now is that Steam VR is giving me all kinds of errors and wont launch and when it does im in the floor and room setup doesnt work.
due to reasons i may have to install Endeavour again (blaming Windows messing up on my other drive) so just assume i am at base with KDE Plasma

You dont move to Linux when you’re not sure everything you need can/cannot work:

once i get Windows working i can always switch over to it if i want to use VR, i just dont want too if i dont have too. i tried to follow that forum to the letter the best i could but still wasn’t working so wanted to ask if there was something i missed.

the other thing is more my capture card which i don’t need but would be nice to use, trying to talk to the company but they are not helpful

I wish you good luck, because here in Linux, when nobody answer your question, you’re shooting to the dark and hope to hit something.

I think your best lead is to ask Window compositor dev for possible answer (Mutter (Gnome), Kwin (KDE) etc.)