Steam Proton not drawing windows?

Howdy peoples! Just switched from Arch and I noticed that some games running under Proton will launch for the first time then just stop rendering it seems after my second time launching it? This has happened to me in three different games, any help would be very appreciated.


Proton Log (Same issues in other games):

I can post more logs/info if needed.

Is it still running in the background? Check e.g. ps ux .

Yep, wineserver is there. It runs in the background, just never renders any windows. I’ve looked at the logs and tried to download any dependency’s I thought where causing it, installed libva-mesa-driver and mesa-vdpau but changed nothing.

What if you kill it and try running the game again?

(This could e.g. be a Proton issue.)

Same problem, nothing changes.

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Actually the problem was the amdvlk and lib32-amdvlk packages, seems proton favors the vulkan-radeon and lib32-vulkan-radeon packages.

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