Steam/Proton controller support


I’ve been trying to get controller support with Steam games for about an hour or five. No luck. I tried just about all possible Steam controller settings. I have a PS4 controller and an Nvidia Shield controller. Both work fine within Steam itself (the Shield controller does so wirelessly even), but after launching a game, be it from Big Picture Mode, or the normal Steam interface, or from my launcher, the controller no longer works.

I tried several controller layouts per game, I tried using and forcing the main setting, I tried per game settings… Nothing works in-game.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could try next to get controller support?

I’m very thankful for any suggestions or solutions. If you need me to post any additional information, feel free to ask and I will.


Alright. I seem to have solved my own issue. It seems that, in order to get useful controller support, one needs to have the steam overlay enabled. If not, the controller won’t work. I just enabled it, and it works as if it was running natively on a PlayStation or something.

Posting this for anyone searching for a solution with the same issue.