Steam games continually crash system

I tried something to see if I could find out what was crashing my steam games. Think I narrowed it down to nvidia, but I wanted to see what you all think. I started the process usage app before starting game, and when it crashed I alt/tabbed to the usage app, and it shows a irq144-nvvidia process going crazy. Also the udisksd process is in the red. (Sorry about the blurry pic) I did notice that not long ago during a yay update a new version of nvidia driver was installed. Should I downgrade the driver.

Edit: I just realized red means a root process. I thought it meant something bad.

How did you download Steam? I’ve proposed this many times and I know it isn’t a proper solution but using the Steam Flatpak version has been very reliable for me.

I know I used yay to install steam git I think it was. I found that if I close game by clicking STOP in steam It doesn t crash. I then kill proton process, and steamhelper process otherwise steam will run indefinitely. Another thing about it is Horizon Zero Dawn has a few bugs. Every time I start the game I have to play in borderless mode. I have to go to display settings, change to windowed mode, then back to borderless mode otherwise game will crash10 seconds or so into game. It s a pain in the ass, but it s a pretty cool game on a 65" 4k tv.

There is no such package. This is the package you’d want: