Static & "Spacy" noise when playing audio

No. If neither of those two work, it’s probably not a kernel issue. That being said: the ones you would try are the RT (real-time) and Zen kernels.

Again, though, they shouldn’t make your microphone suddenly start functioning as expected.

Instead, I’d like you to try booting from a live USB to check if your microphone works.

Now, the tricky thing here is that some live USBs don’t have audio drivers and may even give worse results, and I don’t know if the EndeavourOS ISO is like this. So, I’d recommend trying one of Arco Linux’s live USBs. These are usually packed with everything you need to run an OS from a USB stick - though it wouldn’t save your settings.

@pebcak @dalto Any better troubleshooting suggestions?

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I just reinstalled Windows and the microphone is definitely working there.

That was a waste of drive space and time. — You spent 30 minutes to two hours to test if audio works on Windows. That is only useful for determining if you are having hardware issues.

All you needed to do was test a bootable Linux USB (preferably one from an Arch distro) to find out if there is an issue with your installation or settings. You’d just open a web browser and pick a streaming service of your choice, like YouTube, and check if the audio works correctly.

PS: Sorry if this sounds like I’m mad at you. I am instead mad on your behalf, knowing that time was wasted. :sweat_smile:

No worries, you’re fine. :wink:

Now we know that it’s definitely not a hardware problem.
I tested the mic under Acro Linux as well, but it’s still only producing this short “beep” sound.

I now also tested to connect an external microphone via usb & audio jack and both are working fine.

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