State of the Arch Base installation

Hi! I’ve been following Endeavour’s development since the last autumn. As I got a new laptop this Christmas, I wanted to install something pure Arch based, similar to Antergos, which I had been using before.

In the December post, I noticed this line:

At this moment we don’t recommend a pure Arch Base install, this will be available very soon.

Is it still the case? How is the state of the pure Arch Base install and what was the reason, it was not recommended at the time of writing that post.

Thank you for your wonderful work so far, I’ll probably help with translating to czech language in the future

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Welcome on the forum and also for considering us to install on your laptop.

At the time of writing there were no tests being done with a sole Arch-base install. You can just install it, but it is not a pure Arch base install, it ships with the packages described on our main page of the website. (Yay, eos-packages, etc) The DE groups shown in Calamares are slimmer than when you install the DEs by yourself, certainly in the case of Gnome and Plasma, we made a selection with the minimal essentials needed for each DE.

If you want to do it yourself, you can of course just install Base abd selet the packages in the desired DE by yourself through the terminal.

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On Antergos, I was using i3wm. On EndeavourOS, I’d like to try swaywm. That’s why I’m considering the base install as it will probably make the setup, in this case, easier.

If you don’t know about any issues so far with the base install, I’ll try it once the April release of net-installer gets released.

Thank you for such a quick reply. I wish you a similarly quick recovery, so that you can spend these tough times with your family.


The April release is a safe go for the base install and it’s coming soon.