Start Welcome Updater Manually

Is there a way to start the Welcome updater without having to open Welcome. I have found that on KDE the updater icon does not always show up on the taskbar. When this happens I would like to start the native updater manually without opening the help window. Any help would be welcome.

Sure just use eos-welcome in the terminal. But if you won’t want to have the welcome app open then just use either pacman in the terminal or yay.

sudo pacman -Syu



Edit: I’m not sure you can run it another way?


I all ready knew that about pacman, but I was wondering if it was possible to run the Welcome update without opening the Welcome app. I prefer to use the native update to Pacman. It would be nice if the next version would allow that. On my main system I use Pacman for my updates but it is running Ver 10 which has the reboot notification when needed. While I am comfortable using Pacman and know when a reboot is needed I have friends who are considering moving to Endeavor. They are not so tech savvy and I want to make the transition easier for them. I guess I will have to install Pacman Ver 10 for them.

pacman is the “native” way to update. In fact, it is the only supported way to update an Arch based system.

The current version of pacman is 5.2.2-1.


I stand corrected. You are correct and what I meant to say was Pamac ver 10. I got it with an update some how although it’s not in the AUR as of yet. I do sometimes Pacman -Syu from time to time but mostly I let Pamac Updater do the work. Some programs are easier to install via the command line then with Pamac. Still it would be nice if one could run the Welcome Updater without having to open the Welcome menu. Thanks for the help, it was greatly appreciated.

I use just a script and clean orphans…because it can :sunglasses: i like pacman …more secure because its a native packagemanager. Pamac is another frontend if pacman get up you look what you do because pamac is not pacman

eos-update-notifier does basically the same thing.

Do you mean you’d want a terminal program or a GUI program?

you want Pamac-all, or any of the other GUI based versions of Pamac. From what you’re saying you have a command-line only version and want the GUI version.

You should be able to click into the applications menu and start the welcome app?

as @manuel say there is an updater included with update notification and possibility to have a tray icon where you can click on and it opens the same window as welcome would do to update system.

simple change the config and init the service:

sudo nano /etc/eos-update-notifier.conf

## Prefer tray notification or small window for nofitying about updates?
## NOTE: if clicking the tray notification icon launches also the next panel item,
## a workaround is either to
##  - re-organize panel's notification area icons so that 'Yad' is not the first (uppermost), or
##  - add an empty launcher right next to the tray notification icon.
ShowHowAboutUpdates=notify+tray     # value: 'notify', 'notify+tray', 'tray', or 'window'

change the line:
ShowHowAboutUpdates=notify # value: 'notify', 'notify+tray', 'tray', or 'window'


ShowHowAboutUpdates=notify+tray # value: 'notify', 'notify+tray', 'tray', or 'window'

save the file [Ctrl+X] and give yes…

then initialize it:
eos-update-notifier --init


I’m confused as to what difference it makes because the welcome app runs the update in the terminal. So if you run the updates in the terminal with pacman it is getting the same result. If you don’t want to open the welcome app you still have to open the terminal? What is the difference? It saves you from typing it in the terminal. I guess what he means is not having the welcome app open and it automatically launches the update when you click on it?

It makes no difference to me how I do it whether Pamac or Terminal. Like I said I wanted to set it up for newbies to EOS. I have already setup the config to Notify and Tray. How ever I didn’t do the Init command when I did it. The people I am going to set up EOS on are not comfortable with using the terminal. I can I guess setup a program to run the commands in the terminal or just leave the Welcome app open every time. Thank you very much for the suggestions Manuel and Joekamprad.

If I understand you correctly, you’d like to have a simple launcher icon just to do a system update, right?
The launcher would open a terminal and work the same way as the Update button on Welcome.

It should be quite easy to implement. I’ll think about what’s the best way to add it. Hopefully I have time for it later this week.


Thanks Manuel that is exactly what I was looking for. On XFCE the update icon always shows up but not on KDE. That is why I was asking the question. One friend of mine will only run KDE but is not very keen on using terminal commands. He has used KDE since version 4.14 and loved it. He only move away from it when Plasma first came out. It caused allot of problems on his system. Once they worked out the bugs he returned to KDE. He is currently using Kubuntu and knows that soon he is going to have to reinstall it but likes the idea that Arch is a one time install. So he is planning to move to Arch and onto EOS on my recommendation. Personally I used Antergos and was very happy with it until it died. I recently put EOS on my laptop and have not regretted it. I have had zero problems with it. Most of the people I have gotten to move to Linux are older people who were tired of the problems with Windows and their updates. One woman who is 86 years old loves it, and told me that it just works with no problems unlike Windows.

You are using KDE. So for pamac there is a package to give you the update notification in the task bar. Are you using that? I forget what it’s called at the moment.:thinking:

Edit: I know you are asking for one for welcome so you won’t need both.

Great, because now the latest update for eos-bash-shared version 1.4.6-1 includes this new launcher icon, named as UpdateInTerminal. :smile:

All I had to do was make a tiny modification to one of the existing EndeavourOS apps, and now it works as a separate updater button.


Now that’s service!

I would really like an icon that when I click on it, my wife will go and update my drink for me.

I’m also not opposed to using terminal. :grin:


OK, sounds like it would be generally useful too. :wink:


Yes I just wanted the Welcome Update and not have to use the Pamac Tray App. Currently I have both setup in KDE but just so that I know when updates are available since the EOS update icon does not always appear. Thank your very much for the update.

There is such a thing - but it has a dependency of compliant-wife-git which is currently out-of-date…