Start Community Installer option missing

After a long time of using endeavour os, i am planning to use it with an WM, BSPWM to be specific. I downloaded the latest ISO, Gemini-2024.4.40, but when i start the installer, i cannot see the community installer option, which was seen in the previous versions. Has it been moved elsewhere or what happened?

This is what i can see.

Can someone please help me with this

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The Community versions are no longer supported.

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so does it mean that, if we want to use community editions like BSPWM or WORM or anything, we need to install them after proceeding with “No Desktop”?


You could do it post-install from TTY.
Or, from live session, chrooting into the installed system.

Got it! Thanks for the quick response.

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Here is a link about the ISO release when the community editions were dropped as an option in the installer:


Ahh i see. Thanks again mate

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you can use this URL:

as custom installation file on welcome with the installer ISO as described here:

And following it by using no-desktop on intstaller (online).


Woah… Cool

if you wait 10 minutes i test it in a vm long time i last installed it…

Well surely. That will be helpful

seems something not working i check now…

find the issue… setup script was not including package install…


so seems BSPWM setup itself is not fully functional… session has issues with lightdm (login manager) to get started… it works with sddm … i will change it to use this…

should work now…:wink:

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That was quick. What was the issue with the setup script tho?

it seems there is an issue with LightDM and BSPWM xsession desktop file as lightdm was not showing it as an option to login… so i changed from it to set sddm for now.

ahh alright. time to test it out now

So i should first save the contents of this into a file and then, select it as the custom file thingy in the calamares installer. after that i should select the “no desktop” thingy in the menu.

is that it?

no use the URL and paste it. installer will read from there

EndeavourOS-Community-Editions README


Thanks a lot mate, got it working