SSH Permission denied (publickey) error

Hello, everyone. I just installed EndeavourOS today and SSH is giving me issues. It works fine until I try to use authorized keys. The only things I have added to my sshd_config are my custom port and PasswordAuthentication no. I have SSH working fine on a different computer and I am not sure what I am doing differently on this one.

I have the output of ssh -vvv hostaddress here:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Ok, I figured it out. In case anyone stumbles upon this with a similar problem and you have already checked the permissions of your ~/.ssh/ directory check your home directory as well. Mine was set at 777 and when I changed it to 775 my problem was solved. I used journalctl to find the issue.

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It would be interesting if we knew how this happened… :thinking:

I’m pretty sure it happened when I was setting up my Jellyfin media server. I was having trouble getting it to recognize the files in my Videos directory so I changed the permissions on my /home/user/ directory to see if that was the issue. It was not the issue and I forgot to change it back because I’m a dumb-dumb.

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