SSD no longer found after removing battery?

I’m facing an issue that’s truly baffling me. My battery was failing, so I removed it. After reassembling the computer, it fails to boot with a GRUB error: symbol grub_debug_malloc not found. A recovery usb doesn’t find the SSD. fdisk, lsblk, etc. only show partitions on the USB itself. The BIOS finds the SSD and passes all diagnostics. Is there anything to try OS-wise, before I assume something went wrong hardware-wise?

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If all else OS wise is the same as prior to removing the battery, and these were not issues prior to removing the battery, then I think it fairly safe to assume it’s hardware related.

Try 1. Reseating the ssd. 2. Testing the ssd in another computer to exclude hardware issues

This would suggest maybe corruption of the filesystem

What recovery usb?

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If the Bios finds the ssd and passes all diagnostics one would think you could boot on a live ISO and arch-chroot to reinstall grub and then run the grub update command for arch.

Edit: Also if you took out the battery and CMOS settings got reset maybe you need to check if the drives are set to AHCI not Raid.


Have you checked your bios settings.Replacing the battery probably reset your bios settings back to default.


This may be a silly question but, just to confirm, you DID replace the battery, didn’t you?

Most responders assumed so, but you didn’t actually say as much. :man_shrugging:

[Either way, if that’s the only change made to your hardware then, as noted above, it would seem you’ve got to edit one or more of the CMOS settings. The odds of your SSD suddenly going bad right at the time you dealt with a battery issue seems remote - otherwise, as also noted above, cable disturbance would seem to be more likely.]

Check BIOS boot page, whether there is some option for which drive, or drive types, or boot mode, and the drive appears as a boot option.

IIRC, it might be the old known grub issue, where active/booted grub is older version than system’s grub version. So, What recovery usb? :wink:

Possibly using boot parameter nvme_load=YES

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