Speech dispatcher wouldn't shut up

When I install Endeavour i3 on a laptop with Intel audio, the speech dispatcher would continuously quack about the dummy output module and it wouldn’t shut up.

Intel audio was actually working just fine.

I shut it up by disabling autospawn in speechd, but (a) is that all there is to it (if not, what’s the better way?) and (b) why did it do that in the first place?

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do you got this by choosing “Accessibility Tools” from installation?
as it is a dependency for orca.
Do you use this?

I think I may have accidentally checked it during install while checking what the mouse tweaks were about. I had to reinstall anyway for a new drive and made sure accessibility tools wasn’t checked this time! All is good now

At least we know they work :joy:


I f you like a chatty annoying person yelling in your ears every second, then yes, it works :smile:


This thread, helped me solve this, thanks :slight_smile: