Spectre! Not again!



stil not halloween :slight_smile:

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Looks like it always is!


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Fear not! It’s coming :ghost: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Install turkeys in your pc. Watch the virus run away. Gobble gobble


Over at Intel/AMD:


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Maybe we should drop back to the Motorola 680x0 family again - and modernise from there instead of this crazy Intel architecture! Even AMD has problems with it - and there are so many ‘features’ and workarounds built in now that it isn’t a surprise that vulnerabilities sneak in…

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It seems that disabling SMT helps…

Abstract—Modern Intel, AMD, and ARM processors translate
complex instructions into simpler internal micro-ops that are
then cached in a dedicated on-chip structure called the microop cache. This work presents an in-depth characterization study
of the micro-op cache, reverse-engineering many undocumented
features, and further describes attacks that exploit the microop cache as a timing channel to transmit secret information.
In particular, this paper describes three attacks – (1) a same
thread cross-domain attack that leaks secrets across the userkernel boundary, (2) a cross-SMT thread attack that transmits
secrets across two SMT threads via the micro-op cache, and
(3) transient execution attacks that have the ability to leak
an unauthorized secret accessed along a misspeculated path,
even before the transient instruction is dispatched to execution,
breaking several existing invisible speculation and fencing-based
solutions that mitigate Spectre.

I hope they are collecting some new AMD Cpu for me?

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This only effects cpus that you have physical access to?