Speaker "noise" sound when starting or stopping playback


When playback start or stop a “click” (or clack, crack or pop… :-P) can be heard in the integrated speaker of the laptop.
The behavior also happens when the source is muted or unmuted.

Oddly enough, it sounds like only the left speaker makes the noise.
It appears the volume of the noise itself is constant, no matter what output volume the speakers are set on (unless they’re set on 0).
It does happen all the time no matter what sources, players, etc.

I indeed tried with the same sources booting from other OS installed on that same drive on that same machine. That does not happen.

I kind of understand it could potentially be anything (lol) and it would be hard to investigate…

Does anybody has any clue where to start from by any chance ?

Cheers !

I did try https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Advanced_Linux_Sound_Architecture/Troubleshooting#Pops_when_starting_and_stopping_playback
and https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=1692916#p1692916

Does this occur with pipewire-pulse also?

It won’t let me install it

recherche des conflits entre paquets…
:: pipewire-pulse et pulseaudio sont en conflit. Supprimer pulseaudio ? [o/N] O
:: pipewire-pulse et pulseaudio-bluetooth sont en conflit. Supprimer pulseaudio-bluetooth ? [o/N] O
erreur : la préparation de la transaction a échoué (la satisfaction des dépendances a échoué)
:: la suppression de pulseaudio casse la dépendance « pulseaudio=15.0-1 » requise par pulseaudio-jack
erreur à l'installation des dépôts des paquets

breaks pulseaudio-jack required dependency

edit: well i guess i have to install pipewire-jack too

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Yeah, try it out, it’s a long shot but might solve your issue, if it doesn’t just revert back to pulseaudio if you want to

Alright… after replacing pulseaudio with pipewire… well…

It’s the same :sob:

Have you tried it with different speakers, or headphones?

well… they are the integrated laptop speakers…

So, when i plug my screen speakers, sound go through HDMI, nothing happen, well i mean nothing bad, everything is perfect.

When i plug headphones (or whatever) on the mini-jack, everything is fine on the headphones, but (as it is the same “channel” than the integrated speakers i guess?), it is doing the click on the laptop speaker, even though the the sound is output as it should in the headphones (and no pop or anything in the headphones).

And nothing of that happens when on different OS (so we know it is not a default of the speaker).

I really don’t know how I could dig that, I’m not even sure it’s doable…