Sound not working when switching between user profiles

I have a PC that my wife and I share on a daily basis. One of the issues we have encountered is that if one person logs in, the sound will only work for that person. If the other person logs in by going to the start menu and clicks " switch user" (KDE) then the 2nd person will not have sound unless X is completely restarted.

Is there a simple fix for this or at the very least, a command that I can run to reinitialize the sound?

Hello @adamis
On the user profile where the sound doesn’t work you could right click the volume icon, select configure audio volume. Click on audio and then advanced. Check that the built in audio profile has the correct sound configuration. I’m not sure what your set up is but mine is just 2 speakers so it is analog stereo output.
You can test the speakers from there also at the bottom of the tab. I hope it’s just a simple case of the wrong output device selected.

Try renaming the folder ./config/pulse to ./config/pulseold for both users. Then restart the computer. Now pulseaudio is supposed to create these folders again with standard values.
It might also help to add both users to group audio.
But first do a test with one option and then with the other. Otherwise you will not know, what was the problem if one solves it.

Just to be clear. The sound works but only for the first person to log in. So on a cold boot, if the wife logs in, she gets sound. If I come along and switch to my account (while not loggin her out) I don’t get any sound. This happens in the same manner if it is me logging in first followed by her.

Did you check the device when logged on with no sound?

Just a quick update. I found that the user account I created when installing EndevourOS was added to the Audio user group. removing that person from the Audio user group for whatever reason allowed sound to work for both users when switching between sessions.

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