Sound issues with Chromium?

I’m using the Deepin OS. I update the software daily. Today my Chromium web browser has dropped it’s sound for some reason. I’m using the correct setting in the control panel for my sound card. Clementine plays my music and my recorded video’s all play back. When I go on the Internet for some reason the sound is gone on the Web browser. Youtube no longer plays back audio or sound nor does anywhere else. Any clues? I don’t see anysetting there that would affect sound.

Problem solved. . . . . removed chromium. . . . reinstalled chromium. . . . upon closer look at the volume control the speakers were shut off when you click on the speaker icon, the speaker was actually shut off on Chromium. Boy, can’t believe that.


Thnx. . . . we can close this stupid thread now.


Think we have all fallen for that one!

It’s surprisingly common including me :laughing: