Soon. Very Soon. Maybe Even Today!

We gonna pass grampa Debian!


Credits to the hard working devs, their smart decision to let the community get involved & the community accepting the challenge!!! :clap:


It is still mind boggling to me why MX is in pole position…

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Indeed it is. And my mind is severely boggled. :exploding_head:

Peps probably heard on the internet that its the best distro and download it and switch back to windooz​:joy:

Well with my slow internet I can download 1 eos iso every 3 hours…


Actually, MXLinux is a very good distro. I used it for several years but there was one (and only one) particular problem with a program which is essential to me. The problem could not be fixed by anyone, neither the MXLinux people nor the program’s own people and that caused me to abandon MXLinux.

But for many people I believe MXLinux is an almost ideal distro. In my opinion it is the finest of the Debian-based systems (and even much better than Debian itself). The project developers have done an excellent job of making their program accessible and easily usable. It just never gets in the way yet it is amazingly customizable. It even comes complete with its own “owner’s manual” and, for a fixed release, upgrading to the next release is far easier and better than with any other fixed release I have ever tried.

All that being said, I now prefer rolling Arch-based distributions - specifically EndeavourOS.



Sure I don’t mean to unleash a distro war. I tried it once and it does not appeal to me at all, the installer was not great and the UI looks like 1990. Which doesn’t mean it cannot be a great distro.

Objectively it is loved because of the admin tools the antix? people have developed. I watched several distro reviews about it.

Still surprised it is on position 1.


Not for much longer, it isn’t. :bomb:

Whats that blog, you’ve been blogging since 2015!

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I use MX on a 2007 i686 MacBook. Not many 32 bit distros left out there.


I also have an imac, apple doesnt support updates anymore, considering installing linux, but not 32 bits, it is a 2011 model.

LOL, I’m blogging since 2003 or so. On different platforms for different reasons. This one was first on that Google thing before I switched to Wordpress. I was initially about the virtual world Second Life and sailing in SL, the about using Linux in SL and is now mostly about Linux and other stuff. Let’s say it’s my personal diary, a grab bag. :slight_smile:


FYI: That Distrowatch ranking list on their front page merely reflects the number of hits each distro page gets on Nothing else. It has no connection to how popular each distro is or how many downloads or installs have occurred, just the number of hits to each specific distro page on the site.

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No, really? Consider my brain assploded! :exploding_head: Got any more worldshaking news for me, Cpt. Obvious?

I guess the DW chart is a very good instrument to show a trend, to show where the interest of people tends to go. It’s a sign of growing intelligence among Linux users: They slowly understand that Arch-based distros are not made in geek hell but easy to install, easy to use, always up-to-date distros for everyday use, you don’t have to reinstall every 6 mths like Ubu and others.

Who cares about downloads and installs?


This is not a post.

Kind of, if a distro is not popular then less DW people are likely to click on that distro link. Do you know a better long term monitoring site that gives an idea about distro popularity?

Perhaps google.

I genuinely dont…

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Don’t :gun: the messenger!,MX%20Linux,Arch%20Linux

Add Ubuntu to the mix, at your own risk! :wink:


I see Finland is the smartest!

MX has popularity in China, now I understand why it is in pole position…


If they all clicked the link on DW, then perhaps.

Not sure what criteria you used, but I cannot see the “popularity” of MX Linux in China:

Looks like the most searches for MX Linux were made in Germany:

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The interest by region you sent in the previous link.

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