Sony surveillance

Jeez…yet another reason to game on PC / Linux, like it wasn’t enough already :laughing:
That’s how giants fall.


God forbid I swear or make off-color jokes in a private party of close friends while playing a game where you kill people and commit war crimes for killstreaks.

I don’t even blame Sony, as I think they’re trying to appeal to a wider crowd, though obviously I’m against this. I just don’t understand how people are not able to operate block or mute buttons – yeah, :poop: people exist who say things to trigger people, but your inability to operate the tools given to prevent them from getting a reaction out of you give birth to things like this.

What an extremely annoying guy!

I’m not big on profanity myself, but this simply means… no PlayStation 5 for me.


Such news goes very well with Oculus VR devices have mandatory facebook login, after they get bought by facebook :rofl:

What a lovely World.


What with no PS5 or Oculus VR, we’re saving a fortune, lol, and can sit on our piles of gold watching this craziness … and hoping this surveillance/forced accounts stuff wakes other people up, so they can get their pile of gold and, most importantly, increased privacy.


This is why I don’t use voicechat to begin with.


This is just bad. And I mean the fricking video. A three minute rant without any intend to explain what is actually going on.

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