Sony Headset wh-1000xm3

Good morning, I use a pair of head set on Bluetooth and unfortunately since few months now it not working at all. The sounds is delay etc… What makes it a bit weird is if I use Airpod or other google pod it working absolutely fine no problem at all even with a UE boom…

I got everything I think set up I used KDE bluedevil and I got all the pulseaudio etc… Do I miss something or it just a Sony incompatibility with Linux?

Thanks you for the help!


hi @hsdredgun,

I also have a sony headset and they are compatible. take a look at the following link, it may help to solve your problem. you should possibly create the file described in the article first.

I changed everything and that actually made it way worst :smile: are you connected via bluetooth?

Edit: Found a solution I totally removed pulse audio and then Install pipewire and everything works beautifully I don’t know if that was the right way to make it work but it works for me :slight_smile: haha

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