Something like Plasma-vault, other than Veracrypt?

Plasma comes with “Vault” that can create an encrypted directory using GUI. It seems that I cannot use Vault in XFCE. (I installed it, but I don’t know how to start the GUI.)

Is there something like that for XFCE, other than Veracrypt?

Something like Cryptomator perhaps? (I haven’t tried it under XFCE)

It works a bit differently to Veracrypt in that it’s not a singular vault file, rather files are individually encrypted. This is what allows it to incidentally work very well with cloud backups, if that’s your thing.

Maybe gocryptfs + cryptor for the GUI.

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cryptor did not work. It could not create the vault it created. But whilst searching for it, I found gcencryptor which basically does the same thing. Funnily, it could open the vault cryptor created and could not open.

Also, I didn’t know at the time of the original posting, but, Vault is using cryfs and I can just use cryfs in command-line, so I don’t really need GUI.

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