Some task bar icons still gets too big

I know, I am sure there is a bug report on this since they already fixed the Power Manager and Volume icons, but the Notifier Bell still gets wildly out of size if your panel is thicker than 27 pixels.

My temporary solution is to just remove the plugin from the panel and put Notifications as a favorite in the Whisker menu so if it pops up a notification that I find interesting, or I need to check the log, I can still qickly access it.

Anyone that is more involved / pay more attention to the devs blog posts etc know if there’s an update coming soon for this?


There’s a few of the icons that like have their own specific setting. It was super irritating when I was using xfce to get all of the icons and monitor things all the same size. I felt like I looked and looked and then settings were just there all of a sudden. But I was able to figure it out somewhere. I don’t have xfce anywhere to look it up unfortunately, but I definitely feel your misery on that one.

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I know you can go in and edit the CSS for the icon, but meh. Too much work :stuck_out_tongue: