Some steam/proton games don't work with new keyboard

So I was given a new keyboard. Specifically, a Ducky One 3 mechanical keyboard.

It generally works fine. However, in certain games, it seems to be constantly pressing an arrow key. Not in all games, not even in all proton/wine games. Just some.

Any idea how I could troubleshoot this further?

Might a defect of some kind. Can you get a replacement that works properly?

I suppose it is possible that it is a hardware issue but it seems strange that a hardware issue would impact only a small percentage of games and at all other times work fine.

True, it would point more to a software problem, maybe some driver or firmware. But if it doesn’t work properly and drivers should be the latest available, I’d try changing the keybord if possible.

I could, but I would incur the shipping costs on the exchange in this case so I would prefer to see if there is a software solution first.

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OK. Unfortunately my experience with keyboard issues has been somewhat different, like a key only sometimes gives an output, and that wasn’t related to any app.

Hope you’ll find help to the issue.

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Which games work and which one’s don’t?

They might be hitting a numpad key, does hitting numlock on/off change anything? I know the ducky 3 doesn’t have a numpad, try hooking up 2 keyboards and toggling it with the other.

Any issues with native linux games?

Does using glorious eggroll or a different proton version help? Any mention of anything odd like that in proton.db for that game or any others that use the same engine?

All of those questions are to fix it forever with what you have now. If you want a quick fix, my gut says, use autokey and send some rando button presses to the games in question.