Some Plasma inadequacies regarding launchers

I am also enthusiastic and generally positive about the new plasma rework, though a bit disappointed about the fact, that none of the launchers are in any way resizeable. Up to this point, Tiled-Menu worked well … but stopped working under newer plasma updates …

For I have really a lot of favorites to be displayed, only tiled-menu was doing the job in my case …

so for others like me here a possible solution:

I altered the kickoff menu for this purpose …

editing the /usr/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.kickoff/contents/ui/FullRepresentaion.qml
altering the lines:
Layout.minimumWidth: Math.round(PlasmaCore.Units.gridUnit * 20 * 5)
Layout.maximumWidth: Layout.minimumWidth

Layout.minimumHeight: PlasmaCore.Units.gridUnit * 50
Layout.maximumHeight: Layout.minimumHeight

( restart the computer for the settings to take effect )
with that I can live now better, as soon as I fill up all favorites and rearrange them icons.

I hope eventually, some of you may find this also helpful.

P.S. eventually some updates later the settings have been reverted to standard values again,
could have re-edited the settings-file, but meanwhile, I got Tiled-Menu working again, so closing this article now…was fun trying out though…


Thanks, I tried this, but found the way it wraps text for words below icons really odd ; i.e.


Back to the cascading menu for me, althrough knetrunner does what I need nine times out of ten.

…no such problem here, as seen in my screenshot, though you can play with the 3 values a bit, my other monitor which is a tv in fact, needed other values…or even a font issue maybe?

Do you both use the same font size? :wink:

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good point :slight_smile: I left EOS standard as is …

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No need to reboot, just restart plasmashell.

killall plasmashell && kstart5 plasmashell&
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roger that, … thanks :slight_smile:

The app KColorChooser literally has that problem :rofl:

now, I see that too :slight_smile:

Well that’s a revelation hiding in plain sight! Thanks for posting that! :slight_smile: Unfortunately it doesn’t solve the name issue; i.e.


I’m using a different font and size, so this is more of a scaling issue than a menu issue per se, but the problem stands.

I get this, no problem : - ) , i 'd like to add, I am using X11, not Wayland yet…but you are right will be a scaling problem

It’s a shame you can’t easily rename application shortcuts in the launcher.

Edit : Actually, if you rename an application, by editing it, - it then appears as another shortcut in your menus, so if you remove and re-add from favourites, it shows up as the name you assign! Voila! :smiley:

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hey, that is cool, thanks for finding out : - )