Some people online now days should watch this

Thought this might help some people here to understand how to behave online. Special the people who butt in into threads and take them over with unwanted jargon and for the people who try to be funny or sarcastic which leads to flame wars.

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Exactly! :nerd_face:

Respect is a task.

But making fun can be done too if you make sure that communication partners can understand the fact you done this in a friendly way :crayon:


I do agree, being funny is ok but it’s kind of hard online when we have to use text to submit the sarcastic jokes. Even having a smiley face doesn’t help some times.

The best way we can solve this terrible issue is to decide to never have fun again. Ever. And stick to it, it is for the better good, after all.


Or just try to be the class joker in every case as possible.



WHATDOYOUMEAN?!!! WHY WOULDNT U READ MY MESSAGE?!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
ismylangagenotgood enough for U?? :pirate_flag:
Seriously i dunt understant, its prbably becoz my lak of religion or is it toomuch of it :christmas_tree: or am i too :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:??
dude i dunno, why nobody could even google my questions for me in that crappy $ù$***!!##@ forum? Pffffff the internet ain’t what it used to be me man… so :cry: right, bro? that make me :face_vomiting:

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All of our points are relevant. Chill out brothers and sisters. Life is nuts!

I wish I was a squirrel!



As I said, nuts. Perhaps our squirrel friends know something we don’t! :laughing:

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My absolute favorite is when someone online accuses me of being stupid (or clueless, or dumb, etc.) using child-like spelling and grammar. My usual response is to correct their spelling & punctuation and suggest they have a parent proof-read their typing before they post. This almost always elicits an even nastier reply with even worse grammar! Rinse & repeat. Simple pleasures for simple minds I suppose.

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The chipmunks are eating the Timbits! I sent that to myself! Just as a reminder. :rofl:

Aww. I have no reason to be here then. :frowning:

My ex would be a great addition to the community here. I’ll send her an invite.