Some games crashing after pacman -Syu

Ran a pacman -Syu yesterday and was met with a system i couldn’t log into due to issues with libdisplay-info. yay linux
I’ve fixed that but when I went to load up GTA 5 the game crashed presumably right before loading into the actual game, aka when any graphics actually need to be run. Whether I load into story mode, online, or even the benchmark, anything that requires the use of 3D graphics crashes the game. Similarly Satisfactory freezes right before loading into the main menu, which uses 3D graphics in the background.

I’ve also tested Risk of Rain 2 and Garry’s mod, which both seem to work fine. Only hint I have as to what’s going on is that GTA 5 and Satisfactory use DirectX, while Garry’s mod uses OpenGL (not sure about RoR2.)

I’ve done a reinstall of nvidia-all drivers but it made no change.

fixed by updating flatpak. Seems like the real issue was that the games that were crashing were running on heroic, which used outdated nvidia flatpak drivers. The steam games worked because I was using the native version which had the right version drivers to start with

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