[SOLVED] Transmission-qt missing program svg

Since a while transmission-qt didn’t have a programs icon. I didn’t find the svg installed, downloaded it and added it through KDE’s edit program interface. However, it should be installed with the program. Is this a packaging problem or only appeared on my computer?

Thank you!

The icon(s) for most programs are part of the theme that you’re using. For example, the transmission-qt icon on my system is here:


and owned by this package:

endeavouros/eos-qogir-icons 5-1

There are no icons in the transmission-qt package.

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@ajgringo619 Great! Thank you for that explanation. Actually the only svg I have found in /usr/share/icons/ is the one you mentioned. And I didn’t use Qogir theme.

I gonna check the other theme packages.

edit: I used breeze and there is no transmission-qt icon in the package at arch.

Thank you!