[Solved] Problem with Testdisk

I am trying to recover some videos from a USB that I have damaged.

The application I used in the past was ‘testdisk’ and I resolved the issue on that occasion.

Now when I open the terminal I get this information, even though the terminal is fully open:

TestDisk 7.1, Data Recovery Utility, July 2019
Christophe GRENIER <grenier@cgsecurity.org>

TestDisk need 24 lines to work.
Please enlarge the terminal.

I do it as root and it gives me the same message. I reinstalled the app, with no results. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, any ideas? Thank you.

Did you try making the Terminal window larger? Drag the window to make it bigger.

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Many times … not even in ‘full-screen’ … no results.

Maybe if i download another terminal, which one do you recommend? – this is the xfce4.

Most likely the font size is too big, try to make it smaller.

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Could be, but if this is the case … than i need another terminal that allow me to work with the big font size i need for …

Some terminal emulators (e.g. Konsole, Deepin-terminal) allow increasing/decreasing the font size via a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+=, Ctrl+-). You can decrease it just enough for testdisk to launch correctly and then change it back to the font size you are comfortable with.


Thanks Tasia91 it works too with Xfce4, i dont’ need to install anything!. Thanks.